Sports Injuries Treatment

Keeping fit and doing regular exercise is good for health and wellbeing but sometimes it can lead to a sports injuries.

Sports injuries may be the result of:

  • An accident while doing sport
  • Poor technique or incorrect use of equipment
  • Over use
  • Failure to build up activities slowly
  • Pushing yourself further than your body can cope with.

Hips, knees and ankles are the most commonly injured areas. Early diagnosis and the correct treatment can restore normal activities more quickly.

Edward Crawfurd is an experienced sports injury surgeon able to accurately and efficiently treat and care for all of his patients.

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Sports Injuries Treatment

Sports Injury Symptoms

If you have an injury it may come on suddenly such as when a tendon, muscle, or ligament tears, or it may come on slowly after the end of the exercise. Bruising, swelling and stiffness all signify an injury.

It is generally unwise to continue the exercise if you are getting significant pain. “Working through” pain is rarely beneficial and may cause further damage.

If the symptoms are fairly minor than self treatment with rest, cold or ice, compression, elevation and anti-inflammatory medication (such as ibuprofen) is usually all that is needed, followed by gently building up your activities again.

If the symptoms are severe or do not settle, then a proper assessment from your general practitioner or a qualified physiotherapist will be needed and if there is a significant underlying problem then you will be referred on to a specialist.