Our Clinic

Mr Crawfurd operates at the BMI Three Shires Hospital every Tuesday, and runs an out-patient clinic on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. He also provides clinics on a Monday, either in the day or evening, but this varies from month to month.

An initial consultation is usually 30 minutes and subsequent follow-up consultations are 15 minutes. All patients should be referred by their GP, health care professional or insurance company in order to receive a consultation, including those with health insurance and self-funded patients. Appointments should be made through the bookings team at the BMI Three Shires Hospital (01604 885003).

If you have had X-rays taken at another hospital, you will need to state this when booking your appointment, so all the relevant X-rays can be made available to Mr. Crawfurd for your appointment.

Edward Crawfurd's Clinic
Our Clinic

If you have a knee or hip that needs examining by Mr Crawfurd, you can ask for a chaperone to be present. Any patients that need an X-ray as a result of this examination will be referred to the X-ray department in the hospital. This X-ray will happen immediately so that Mr Crawfurd can examine the results as part of the consultation.

Also, if you require an MRI scan, this will be arranged for you as quickly as possible, and patients are likely to return to Mr Crawfurd for the results shortly afterwards.

If you need an operation, you will be given a mutually convenient date for admission, a pre-operative assessment by the BMI Three Shires Hospital and any patient information that will help your visit to the hospital be as informative as possible. Mrs Linnell, Mr Crawfurd’s secretary, will also be available for any specific questions you may have.