Knee Keyhole/Arthroscopic Surgery

Edward Crawfurd performs a large number of knee pain treatment surgery for his clients in Northampton. A significant percentage of his knee operations are performed through two very small incisions at the front of the knee using a technique colloquially known as “keyhole” surgery. The instrument used is actually an arthroscope which is thinner than a pencil but has a camera on it so that the inside of the knee can be clearly visualised.

Arthroscopic surgery is very safe and a very effective treatment of knee pain. Most procedures involve just a few hours in hospital and using this technique Edward Crawfurd can operate on the menisci and cruciate ligaments as well as treating things like joint surface problems and removing loose bodies.

Torn cartilages are a common problem in sportsmen and women and depending on the nature of the tear these can be treated arthroscopically either removing damaged areas or if possible Edward Crawfurd likes to repair the tear by sewing it back in place.

Diagram showing keyhole surgery on the knee
Keyhole Surgery on the knee

Edward Crawfurd uses an arthroscopic technique for reconstructing anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments so although there is a small incision needed to take the graft the actual operation is done through keyhole incisions.