Hip Surgery Northampton, Midlands

Hip surgery has advanced significantly in the last decade and in particular the bearing surfaces have improved and so the wear problems of earlier hip replacements have been reduced. Due to refinements in the anaesthetic and postoperative care the length of time patients spend in hospital following hip surgery has been shortened and their return to activity is now much quicker.

Hip Surgeon

Edward Crawfurd – Hip Surgeon

Whether they’re caused by trauma, sporting activity or are arthritis-related, hip and knee conditions demand immediate attention.

As a consultant Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeon working privately at BMI Three Shires Hospital, Edward J. P. Crawfurd can offer your condition both urgent attention and specialist treatment. Specialising in chronic pain and sports injuries, Knee and Hip Surgeon Edward Crawfurd has worked with a number of patients, treating various conditions.

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Diagram of the Hip Joint