Hip Pain Treatment

Hip pain is a common problem for many individuals of many ages although it can affect more people as they age. There can be many reasons why individuals experience hip pain and it can become a debilitating issue affecting individuals quality of life.

In many cases, Arthritis is the cause of hip pain in adults although hip pain can occur as a result of sports injuries and other medical disorders. If hip pain doesn’t improve over time or improve with the use of over the counter drugs such as paracetamol or ibuprofen, it is important to consult a doctor for further advice and to seek further treatments.

Edward Crawfurd has a special interest in hip conditions and is a specialist hip surgeon in Northampton. As an expert in hip pain, Edward Crawfurd can diagnose problems quickly and efficiently and recommend effect treatments for patients to suit their lifestyle, medical history and hip condition.

He sees patients of all ages with hip complaints and when surgery is needed he is one of only a few surgeons who will use a minimal anterior incision to perform a total hip replacement, although this is not appropriate in all cases.

Minimal access hip surgery will ensure patients have a quicker and less painful recovery, shortening hospital stay time dramatically and allowing patients to return to their daily activities at a much faster rate than with conventional surgery.

If hip pain is a result of a sports injury, Mr Edward Crawfurd has the experience to accurately and efficiently treat patients of all ages and injuries.

Hip Pain