Edward Crawfurd – Sports Injury Specialist

Edward Crawfurd, MB.BS and FRCS. They mean much more than simply Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery and Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons

The letters MBBS and FRCS denote the highest standards of medical professionalism. But in the case of Sports Injury Surgeon Edward Crawfurd, they also indicate an approach that is patient-focussed and communicative; keeping you involved at every stage of the process. Edward Crawfurd concentrates his considerable knowledge and experience in all aspects of hip and knee conditions to offer you professional opinion and expert treatment, on a basis of individual requirement.

The majority of patients consulting Edward Crawfurd can be treated without knee or hip surgery, whilst early diagnosis is made possible by prompt X-rays and MRI scans. In surgical cases, outcomes are enhanced by state-of-the-art facilities and minimal access techniques – including keyhole surgery. So you can expect a rapid recovery and a speedy return to normal activities.

Edward Crawfurd Orthopaedic Surgeon
Hip and Knee Surgery

“Above all, my primary objective is to provide my patients with the best possible outcome for their lower limb problems”

Edward J. P. Crawfurd MBBS FRCS